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FT Technologies specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance Acoustic Resonance wind sensors – also known as anemometers or air-flow sensors. All our sensors incorporate our own patented Acu-Res® Technology which enables them to deliver reliable wind speed and direction data, from compact, lightweight sensors. Users typically experience over 99.9% data availability, even in harsh climates with the toughest weather conditions.

FT Technologies

Who we are

FT Technologies was founded in 1981 and has been in business for over 30 years. We began selling wind sensors to the wind turbine industry in 2002. We are now the industry’s largest supplier, with 11 of the world’s top 15 turbine manufacturers amongst our customers. We are the market leader in the offshore wind energy sector as more than 70% of all offshore turbines in the world are fitted with an FT sensor.

Our new FT7 Series includes our latest models the FT742 and FT722, offering enhanced accuracy. The FT742 also features a wind speed reading range of up to 75m/s. The FT742-DM direct mount variant will also fit directly to a pipe, making it ideal for customers in the meteorological, marine, environmental and defence industries.


Our business is a success story. The wind energy industry is growing significantly, and FT is growing with it. In the last decade, we have tripled in size. We now employ over 60 staff and are always on the lookout for more.

An FT ultrasonic wind sensor is a highly sophisticated computer, and yet it is small, precise, and needs to operate consistently even in very harsh environments. We are looking for people who, like us, care about the quality of what they are doing. We need people who possess the rigour and tenacity to see a job through to completion with a high degree of accuracy. In return, we offer a dynamic environment in which to work, competitive salary and a comprehensive package of benefits and rewards.

Quality & Environment

An FT ultrasonic wind sensor is a highly sophisticated computer, and yet it is small, precise, and needs to operate consistently even in very harsh environments. Our customers demand high levels of performance and data availability in a sensor which does not require regular maintenance or calibration.

At FT Technologies, we pride ourselves on the quality of our manufacturing processes and our products. We believe that our sensors are the most thoroughly tested on the market and we have the certification to prove it.

Our Partners

We export our sensors to countries all around the globe. Where we feel that there is a need for expert local advice and knowledge, we work with carefully selected distributors.

We also work with companies who would like to integrate our wind sensors into their own technology solutions and welcome enquiries of this nature.

News & Events

Representatives from FT Technologies, or our distributors, attend many industry events throughout the year. If you would like to meet with us at one of these shows, please contact us and we will be delighted to arrange an appointment with you.

If you would like to keep up to date with all our latest news, or receive our press releases, you can sign-up to our distribution list.

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