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FT Technologies ultrasonic wind sensors integration partner program

FT Technologies works with industry-leading wind energy and meteorological partners to integrate and validate combined solutions to our customers’ wind measurement challenges.

FT Technologies is keen to support customers in developing applications for FT sensors. To do this we run the FT Test Program which gives customers sensors and accessories on free loan for up to 180 days. In addition you have access to our Application Engineers to help you run your test. 

Are you a weather station manufacturer looking to integrate with a wind sensor? Are you a creator of unmanned systems technology looking to integrate wind speed and direction measurement into your device?


Forest Technology Systems (FTS) is a leading manufacturer of remote environmental monitoring solutions including systems, instrumentation and communications technology for the Hydrology, Fire Weather and Meteorology industries. Under this agreement, FT Technologies’ range of acoustic resonance wind sensors will be integrated into FTS environmental monitoring solutions – providing crucial wind speed and direction measurements to help predict, prevent and manage wildfires and extreme weather situations. 

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Spica Technology ApS is an international engineering company specialising in control systems to the wind power industry. Spica Technology will develop software and electronics to allow FT wind sensors to be retrofitted to older wind turbines without changing the software for the turbines. Upgrading the turbines with FT sensors enables owners of older turbines to increase the turbine availability and increase the AEP due to improved wind speed and wind direction data.

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