FT Technologies sponsors Bloodhound Supersonic Car

FT will be supplying its wind sensors to Met Masts installed along the 10 mile track at Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape, South Africa, and to the test track at Newquay, Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The jet and rocket powered car will attempt to travel at 1,000 mph (just over 1,600kph).

The FT sensor was selected by the Bloodhound team because of its reputation for toughness and longevity and its ability to work in dusty environments without calibration or maintenance. “The sensor really suits our needs and should give us good service through the lifetime of the project” said Robert Pattinson of the Bloodhound Engineering Team.

“The Bloodhound Project is really exciting for us to be involved in” said Fred Squire Director of Sales. “It is a British based project with a global reach aiming to develop science and technology in the UK and this matches our profile of a UK company exporting our technology all over the world”.

For more details visit www.bloodhoundssc.com

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