FT Technologies health and safety policy

FT Technologies regards the promotion of health, safety and welfare at work as a key objective for management and employees at all levels. It is, therefore, FT’s policy to do all that is required to prevent personal injury, to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards, including the public in so far as they come into contact with its premises/services and to prevent damage to property and the environment. This document is a corporate policy for FT and is in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

FT so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • Assesses the risks to the health, safety and welfare of employees and visitors whilst they are on its premises and maintains a record of its findings;
  • Provides and maintains safe and healthy working conditions, including means of access and egress;
  • Provides information, operational policies and procedures, training, instruction and supervision to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently;
  • Makes available necessary safety devices and protective equipment and provides instruction in their use;
  • Provides adequate welfare facilities;
  • Maintains a constant and continuing interest in health, safety and welfare matters consulting and involving employees or their representatives wherever possible;
  • Monitors the application of FT’s policies and procedures.

All FT employees have a duty while at work to:

  • Take reasonable care for the health and safety and welfare of themselves and of all other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions;
  • Co-operate with FT in ensuring all statutory and other requirements are complied with e.g. risk assessments;
  • Observe the provisions of this safety policy and other policies, codes of practice etc. relating to health, safety and welfare;
  • Not intentionally interfere with or misuse anything provided for their health, safety or welfare.

This policy and statement together with the sub-policies, procedures and guidance describes FT’s health and safety arrangements.

This policy is endorsed by the FT Board and will be subject to review on an annual basis.

- S. Kapartis

Executive Chairman