The leading supplier to the wind turbine industry, FT sensors are also used on some of the world’s tallest buildings, on weather stations, on railways, on armoured vehicles and in marine navigation. Whilst the best selling FT702 and the new FT722 are ideal for wind turbines, our new FT742-DM has been specifically designed to meet the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) standards for wind sensors.

Wind Turbine Control

The FT7 Series is the result of FT Technologies' 12 years of experience in designing durable turbine control wind sensors for the demanding environment on top of a wind turbine.

We began selling wind sensors to the wind turbine industry in 2002. We are now the industry’s largest supplier, with 11 of the world’s top 15 turbine manufacturers amongst our customers. We are the market leader in the offshore wind energy sector as more than 70% of all offshore turbines in the world are fitted with an FT sensor.


FT anemometers have been used in meteorological applications all over the world including at both poles.  Customers have used FT sensors in weather stations, hurricane research, glacial research, cold climate weather monitoring, oceanographic research, environmental monitoring solutions for fire weather, maritime weather monitoring and avalanche risk detection.  

At FT Technologies, we recognise that meteorological measurement requires anemometers designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, delivering accurate and consistent data with low power usage. Using the knowledge that we have gained as a leading supplier to the world’s top wind turbine manufacturers, FT Technologies has now produced the new FT742DM anemometer, with a wind speed range of 0-75m/s, specifically designed for use in meteorological applications and to meet the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) standards for wind sensors.

Defence and Security

The FT7 Series of wind sensors are small and very strong passive wind sensors designed to give many years of discreet, reliable service whatever the environment.

The sensor has been used on armoured vehicles, on CBRN detection equipment and on ballistic meteorology systems.

Drones and UAVs

The small footprint, light weight and ease of integration of our sensors make them ideal for meteorological applications on board unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and at unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground launch and recovery stations. With full 360° air speed and direction measurement, they are ideal for hovering on quad-rotor UAVs, as well as dynamic positioning control in gusty and turbulent environments.



The FT7 Series of wind sensors powered by Acu-Res® technology are very strong, corrosion resistant wind sensors designed to give many years of reliable service in buildings, railways, bridges and other types of critical infrastructure.

It is currently installed on buildings in London, Bahrain and Tokyo and on the Maglev test track in Japan.


The aluminium hard-anodised body of the FT7 Series anemometers is highly resistant to corrosion and is sealed to IP66/IP67 standard.

Applications include dynamic positioning systems, marine meteorology and buoys. The sensors' resistance to icing make them particularly suitable for use in arctic environments.

Case Studies

FT sensors are used all over the world, from Alaska to Zaragoza, from the north pole to the south pole. The leading supplier to the wind turbine industry, FT sensors are also used on the top of some of the world’s tallest buildings, on portable weather stations used to chase hurricanes, and along the test track of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car in South Africa.
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