The FT7 Series wind sensors powered by Acu-Res® technology are very strong, corrosion resistant wind sensors designed to give many years of reliable service in the marine environment.

In design, development and manufacture everything possible is done to ensure that the product is reliable, accurate and consistent. The sensor has no moving parts and does not need re-calibration. This eliminates the costs of inspection and re-calibration. The FT7 Series delivers a ‘fit and forget’ wind sensing solution.

Corrosion Resistant

The aluminium hard anodised body is highly resistant to corrosion and has been tested in a warm salt spray environment for 60 days to standard Class C5-M High. The body is sealed to IP66 and IP67 standard. The aluminium body also ensures that heat is evenly distributed for effective ice prevention. For detailed product certifications please refer to the relevant datasheet.

Every sensor is thoroughly tested before dispatch and is calibrated in our own wind tunnel and no further calibration is required.

The FT7 Series has been designed to deliver data availability above 99.9%. Applications include dynamic positioning systems, marine meteorology and buoys. The sensors' resistance to icing make them particularly suitable for use in arctic environments. For further information read our case studies.

Recommended Products: FT742-DM / FT742-SM

The FT742-DM mounts directly onto a 33.7mm pipe and can be supplied with either RS485 or Analogue 4-20mA output. The FT742-SM has a built-in compass and is designed to be integrated into your own equipment. All FT sensors can be specified at time of order to output data in m/s, km/h or knots.