Wind Speed Converter

The FT Technologies Wind Speed Converter allows you to convert between different wind speed measurement scales. From SI (meters per second or kilometres per hour) to Imperial (miles per hour or Knots) units or to the Beaufort or Hurricane scale.


FT Technologies makes The World's Toughest Wind Sensors for measuring wind speed and wind direction. With no moving parts, built-in heaters, and resistance to a wide range of environmental factors, FT wind sensors are maintenance-free and will last for years, even in the harshest of climates.

What makes FT wind sensors unique is our use of acoustic resonance technology. Invented by our Executive Chairman, Dr Savvas Kapartis, and patented in 1997, Acu-Res® is a solid-state (no moving parts) technology for measuring wind speed and direction. It uses an acoustic (ultrasonic) wave which is resonated inside a small cavity. A strong resonating sound wave in a small space gives a signal to noise ratio more than 40db stronger than other ultrasonic technologies.​ Using Acu-Res® technology results in a small, lightweight, easily heated sensor which operates reliably, even under extreme weather conditions. Read more.


FT742-FF Flat Front ultrasonic, heated wind sensor measuring wind speed and direction

Ideal for wind turbine control

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FT742-PM Pipe Mount ultrasonic wind sensor with heating for ice-free wind speed measurement

Ideal for wind turbine control

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FT742-DM Direct Mount ultrasonic wind sensor for wind speed and direction measurement in meteorology, weather stations, subzero extreme conditions

For use in meteorological applications

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FT742-SM surface mount ultrasonic wind sensor for drones, UAVs, unmanned systems, robotics

Designed for OEM integration

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